We are proudly a woman owned film production company with a diverse team positioned with offices domestically and internationally to manage the production of our films and to maximize fiscal benefits for our investors bottom line. We work beyond equality and believe in promoting inclusivity, understanding the importance of all perspectives. By operating with this respect, equality in opportunity for our staff and partners becomes inherent in our language and practices.  We hold ourselves accountable to these principles in several ways:

  • Applying a triple bottom line accounting method which measures People, Planet and Profit to determine our organizational success.
  • Outreach by ASE channels our methods of social outreach for communities, organizations and causes that benefit the human spirit and our connection to the planet.

We have a slate of projects, several ready for immediate pre-production, with a team of individuals that have extensive backgrounds in production. Our aim is to create and streamline the budgets of our projects and create quality film, television and other entertainment that inspires, impassions, educates and captivates…without breaking the bank. We encourage investors looking to become a part of ground-breaking film production and community engagement by investing in human story on and off the screen to contact us today!

To learn more about how we are evolving the process of film production and to read our latest updates we recommend following our blog. 

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ASE is proud to be a member of New Mexico Women in Film a wonderful organization committed to supporting women in film, television and media in New Mexico. We are committed to supporting the New Mexico film community and look forward to expanding access to key positions for women and minorities both on and behind the screen. 


ASE is committed to the evolution of film production including in our carbon footprint created in promotional efforts. In order to achieve a mission of fiscal responsibility and environmental consideration, all of our company and promotional materials are digitally produced.