A Message from the Founder and CEO of Anvil Springs Entertainment

Greetings all!

We're very excited about the direction we're going here at ASE! We have a terrific team and while it's been tough going at times, we've never lost sight of our goals. Namely to get all of our projects into production sooner rather than later. The film business is like mating elephants…it takes a long time and a huge effort to achieve the end result! Each member of our team can do any job on set; however, none of us can make a movie on our own. As the saying goes, it takes a village. And we have a great village!

As we approach the sudden explosion of production work on our Spotlight films, I felt it was important to share a bit more about ASE and why it is so important that we break through as an innovator in the film industry. Creatively our mission is to produce stories that people can relate to, stories that inspire the human spirit, and stories that leave audiences feeling better when they leave the theater than when they walked in. If a project doesn't fit within those parameters, it won't be done by us. An unusual position for a production company for sure. With Hollywood scraping the bottom of the barrel with remake after remake, our goal is to deliver fresh content that matters.

This is not a position we practice only on set, it’s one that carries over to our work behind the scenes as well. It is truly an unusual and basically unheard of position for a film production company in many regards. We are a socially conscious company and apply this awareness across the board, spanning from a commitment to a minimal carbon footprint to contributions and opportunities to give back into the local, regional and international communities we partner with in our creative works. We care about the planet, the living occupants of it and the state it will be in for future generations by contributing to organizations that help those in need. In particular, children, families and animals. We are not limited to those three areas, but you get the idea.

We want our philanthropic activities to reflect that we understand and respect the tremendous opportunities we have to give back in a variety of ways. It’s not just a mission. We live and breathe the incorporation of these creative and social visions into the films we produce. Wherever the need is the greatest, you will likely find us working to build in ways to support and give back in our efforts.

We have some incredible opportunities for those that have wanted to invest in film and are still looking for new, uniquely voiced projects. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a production company with a conscience! We are poised to make great films now and you can be a part of it! You may request a link to exclusive investor content on our Spotlight films and get started by clicking here.

We also understand that there are many unheard voices with regard to screenwriters and are excited to see the amazing talent that we are able to support. We have provided the option to contact us to begin the process here on the site.

We require that any scripts that are submitted to us first have coverage done so we’re not inundated with scripts that are virtually unreadable and so the writer saves themselves a rejection, which is always difficult. No one likes that part. We also require that an NDA is signed by both parties for our mutual protection prior to submitting. So, if you are a screenwriter, please take a look at the guidelines on our website and be familiar with our mission statement before you contact us regarding submission. It will save everyone loads of work.

Many more crew opportunities will be coming available as we move further into the pre-production elements of our Spotlight films, so keep an eye out on our careers page for the latest updates!

I appreciate you taking the time to read a bit more about the remarkably driven team that has created the ASE of today! It's been a great experience growing into the production company we are. We’re looking forward to our next takes!