Impressions of Her, The Filmmaker - Penny Marshall

The awareness of how important film is to our culture came soon after I began supporting Anvil Springs Entertainment (ASE)  in a small social media consultation role. Accustomed to providing insights in this capacity for various brands, I normally began from my perspective of analysis and quickly saw how many perspectives the film industry was narrowing to provide and my desire to see films at ASE, like Volcano, Meeting Charlie and The Q'ntana Trilogy, to become part of the voice film shares with world viewers.

Another way I jumped in to contribute to the efforts at ASE was to contribute to a series of blogs inspired by our passion to improve the role and equality of women serving all capacities and skills in the industry. There are strong voices by women for this common goal coming out of Hollywood right now, many contributing their perspective to new social media trends, such as the #WomenInFilm movement. And so a blog series is born….

There are so many talented women to choose from and our beginning is not a #1...merely a one of many and she happens to be one of my personal favorites. Our filmmaker today is Penny Marshall, the first woman to have two blockbuster films to her credit. She a humorous and emotional storyteller of the human experience.


I fondly remember watching episodes of Laverne & Shirley with my mom, loving Laverne and the finely crafted “L” adorning her every scene. I suppose it could seem a bit arrogant to some, boldly initializing a wardrobe, but to a young girl like me it was permission to individualize. It was okay to be independent, expressive and funny.

It wasn’t until she stepped behind the camera in films like “Riding in Cars With Boys” and “A League of Their Own” that I realized the delicate balance she expresses with and through the characters. With every ounce of strength there is an outpouring of sensitivity flowing off the screen and always a sudden and welcomed outburst of laughter. And in these moments, so nonchalantly crafted by the talented Marshall, we find the brief experiences of our truthful humanity.

Once sharing, “I like corny, I like what moves me.” Penny Marshall’s success is undoubtedly because she knows how move us. I look forward to our next sharing in the "Impressions of Her, The Filmmaker" series with our focus on Kathyrn Bigelow.          

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