The Section 181 Film Tax Incentive Extension Continues in 2016!

As a final act of business recently in the U.S., Section 181 Film Incentive of the tax code for 2016 was extended. This is a huge win for investors in film and television as it allows film investors to minimize their risks by deducting their investment in the first moment of production and later claim any returns as income in a future year!

This incentive makes film one of the strongest investment avenues in the current market and is retroactively effective for films that commenced production in 2015 and for films commencing production in 2016. ASE has developed films, ready to move into pre-production which meet the required U.S. based filming locations minimum and a team of talent poised to challenge the norm of film making!

Get started on our contact page to receive access to our view the prospectus & media kits of our "In The Spotlight" films. Read more about the vision of ASE in a message from our Founder and CEO, Kathleen Messmer in her recent blog post about the  exciting direction we are taking in film production.  

Additional details can be found in recent reporting of the extension of Section 181 via Variety and Huffington Post. You can also read a breakdown of how the incentive most benefits your investment dollars on