My Film Landing

Film production is most certainly one of the last environments I would have thought I’d land in to use my talents and share my voice, yet here I am and so, it’s another example of why it’s better to live than to think!

I began my truest professional journey a mere six years ago (I make no apologies for being a late bloomer!), and found my inherent strengths in communication were greatly enhanced as I grew in creative writing. As any good indie writer does in modern time, I took to social media to dabble in free form self promotion and grew my education and skills in the various components that create an expanding online media brand. I was not intending the social media aspects of my efforts to become the forefront of my profession and felt it was more of an accessible, affordable means to get my creative expression out into the world as I "figured out my grown up". 

As life often does my path had unexpected stones and what I had developed in skills with social media and communications opened an opportunity after I had the good fortune to meet our Managing Partner, Kathleen Messmer, at a dinner party. What began as a creative bond and friendship developed into an opportunity when I came on to the ASE team to support the development of a social media strategy for the brand and film projects in development. A speedy two years later my knowledge of the industry and role have expanded into the Producer of Marketing & Distribution.

I have experienced an environment that allowed me to learn and understand the film industry from both its long time systemic patterns while aiding in the creation of how, as a production company, we would change it. ASE is the only company in the film industry I could support with my efforts. It is my passion and personal mission to ensure I live out my time on the planet helping positively affect as many people as possible. Finding an individual like Kathleen that is bold enough to shift business modeling to a focus on People, Planet and Profit has proven, in itself, to be an ideal channel to exercise both my creative and human visions.

We are evolving in humanity to become more self-aware of our impacts, choices and influence. We are shifting into a time where it is not enough to do no harm, but one must live out their lives to extend themselves in healthy and beneficial ways personally and for all others. Film can tell the stories of this evolution while giving back to communities as it occurs. It is my joy to land seemingly as an alien in Hollywood and add to the new perspective of inclusivity, socially responsible filmmaking and storytelling with a purpose at Anvil Springs Entertainment.

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Carey Rose O'Connell began developing her independent brand through writing in 2011 and since this time has expanded a communications focus to include teaching, documentary filmmaking and social media consultation. She has supported multiple profit and not for profit organizations with social media strategy planning, campaign development and demographic performance analysis. Carey supports Anvil Springs Entertainment as P.M.D for ongoing distribution and marketing development as well as coordinates communication strategies and timelines for the company's brand mission; including all its current film projects through social media and organizational partnerships.

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