Mark David Gerson Reads from The SunQuest: The Q'ntana Trilogy, Book III

The SunQuest  was the only one of my Q’ntana stories that began life as a screenplay. I adapted The MoonQuest script from an almost-final draft of the novel, and I wrote The StarQuest screenplay from a first-draft so chaotic that it offered little guidance as to the story’s direction. For The SunQuest, however, I wanted to put my “organic” screenwriting philosophy to a more arduous test: Knowing little of the story other than its main character, could I craft a screenplay from scratch using the “muse stream” system that had worked so well for me on all my other writing projects? In other words, could I write it with no planning, no plotting, no outlines, no index cards and none of the other “musts” of screenwriting orthodoxy?

As it turned out, I could…and did. Not only that, this final installment in The Q’ntana Trilogy answers many questions raised in the first two stories — for me as its creator as much for you as its reader.

A book and its movie are rarely identical. And even though The SunQuest screenplay is largely true to the novel, the opening scene I read from in this video is not in the film version. I almost wish it were. After all, who can resist a story that opens like this? “I will die tonight. I need no oracle to predict it, no dreamwalker to reveal it. The moon and the stars sing of it, and the sun calls me home.”

How does the screenplay open? For that, you'll have to wait for the movie!


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