Mark David Gerson Reads from The StarQuest: The Q'ntana Trilogy, Book II

I didn’t know The MoonQuest was going to be the first book in a fantasy trilogy when I began writing it, which is probably just as well, given how stressful my first-draft experience was! But by the time I was into The MoonQuest’s third draft, I began to suspect that there would be two more books, even as I had no idea what they would be about. After all, it’s not as if The MoonQuest ends in a cliffhanger the way The Fellowship of the Ring does in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. (In reality The MoonQuest does leave you hanging; but it does it so subtly that even I didn’t realize it until I was writing The SunQuest more than a decade later!)

Perhaps had I known that it would take me 11 years to complete a first draft of The StarQuest, I would have been less eager to launch this second book in my as-yet unnamed trilogy. But as many of the characters in all three Q’ntana books are told more frequently than they would prefer, “It is best not to know too much too soon. It is best to know only that the story continues and to follow where it takes you.”

Even as much about The StarQuest would change over those 11 years, one scene remained largely unaltered: the opening scene I read in this video.


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