A Mission in a Vision

People often ask me about two things: the name of the company and our mission statement. Let me just start by saying, I believe things happen for a reason and while we aren’t always aware of why they happen, we can always look back and say, “Oh yeah, I know exactly what that was about.” 

On one of my many travels (by car!) from Albuquerque to Los Angeles, there are two teensy little towns - Peach Springs and Anvil Rock that you have to drive past and each time I did, I was assaulted by “why not name the company after one of them?”. And, as my sons will tell you, I am a girly girl, though no pushover. I love glittery stuff and little furry critters, but I will knock you into next week if you get me ticked - maybe not physically, but you get the idea. So...while Peach Springs is a warm fuzzy name, Anvil Rock is strong and powerful, which left me in a conundrum. Either one of those town’s names would be a cool name, but, what do I really want to convey with the name of my company? The answer, after not too much deliberation, was strength and flow. Right then and there I knew that the reason for my many trips back and forth to Los Angeles on that same fateful stretch of Interstate 40. It was a moment of clarity and I had discovered the obvious name of my company was a balance of the two...Anvil Springs Entertainment.  

I was certain the time was right for another woman-owned and operated entity in the film industry and I was that woman. Strong enough to produce and develop in a largely blockaded industry and soft enough to do it in a way that will positively influence film and how it is made. Among the many advantages were the tax breaks afforded to women business owners, money available for operations, etc., though more importantly we would be able to create free from the limitations set through the “good ol’ boys club” influence that’s so prevalent in Hollywood. We do things the way we want to do them and we do them more efficiently, faster and with more vision because we work beyond labels and as people...equals...you know, humans!  

We’ve discovered that promoting this balance and equality within our team produces a greater work ethic and a craving to do well. Who doesn’t like that? In addition, there are far too few people in the film industry who are given credit for a job well done. We understand that every person involved from the development to the market release of a film equally contribute to its success or failure merely by being present in the work of its creation. Awareness of this in our production process means we welcome and promote our teams to freely and proactively communicate their needs to ensure the best result occurs in the most efficient ways.  

Our mission statement holds us accountable to produce stories that people can relate to, stories that inspire the human spirit, and stories that leave audiences feeling better when they leave the theater than when they walked in. This tells people where we stand. We do projects that are not always happy, that deal with “real” issues in today’s society. We deal with friendships that are tried beyond where they might snap, family drama (we ALL know what that’s like!), characters that are questing to find answers they crave the answers to, funny and poignant situations, and more. If we start talking about what ails our society we can start finding ways to create common cures!  

Our mission is NOT to create scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel stories, but rather to make people stop, think and feel about how they might do things a little different, how they might change, where their lives are taking them and how they love or don’t. Beyond reviews, our mission is to hear our work has evoked a conversation among those leaving the theater. From behind the scenes to on the silver screen, it’s all about strength and flow.  

Come and see the projects we have lined up and how we live up to our name and our mission. You’ll soon learn this is no typical film production company.  

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Contributed by:   
Kathleen Messmer
Managing Partner and CEO - Anvil Springs Entertainment  

Kathleen has worked in the film and television industry for nearly two decades and holds a degree in film from one of the nation's’ top universities.  Her long career in the industry has seen her working on a wide range of films with budgets both large and small, building a thorough understanding of all aspects of any film project. She has also worked alongside Oscar-winning producers, directors and actors. 

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