When Her Inked Stop

Makiko Futaki left our time on May 13, 2016 of an unspecified illness and it feels to soon for her beautiful talents in animation to end. A veteran at Studio Ghibli she collaborated on all of the famed, Hayao Miyazaki’s films, some named as the pinnacle achievements of the Anime genre.  
I have never been that big of an Anime fan, though I remember the first time I came upon the film, “Spirited Away”, and found myself captivated at the delicacy that every detail was captured. Honestly...it was one the most simply stunning pieces of moving art I had ever seen. This was obviously done by the hand of a person with authentic passion for imagery and the creative exchange made through the eyes of all those she was drawing for. 

What is incredible about Futaki is the quiet, behind the scenes framework of her ground breaking career, silently breaking barriers of women in film and animation in her time at Ghibli since the 1980’s. It speaks to the authenticity of her creative expression and the verity of our ability to move through all barriers by simply focusing our actions on the things for which we have passion and zeal.   
It is akin to what I see evolving with the team here at Anvil Springs Entertainment. Yes we are woman owned and total inclusiveness is an active measure in our work, though it is such a given, such an inherent part of our vision that it doesn’t require effort or implementation. It is our vision to show that a production company model inclusive of all people, equally generates a better creative result in film.   
I close with the trailer of “Spirited Away” and gratitude for the beauty Makiko Futaki brought to my experience before the ink stopped... 


Contributed by:
Carey Rose O’Connell  
Producer of Marketing & Distribution - ASE 

Carey Rose O'Connell began developing her independent brand through writing in 2011 and since this time has expanded a communications focus to include teaching, documentary filmmaking and social media consultation. She has supported multiple profit and not for profit organizations with social media strategy planning, campaign development and demographic performance analysis. Carey supports Anvil Springs Entertainment as P.M.D for ongoing distribution and marketing development as well as coordinates communication strategies and timelines for the company's brand mission; including all its current film projects through social media and organizational partnerships. 

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