An EXPOnential Experience!

I recently attended the 2017 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, NV., my first convention of this kind and what an experience it was! Each year thousands of agents, representatives and eager entrepreneurs descend into three days of fast pitch meetings and burning out their fitbit step counts!

As the Producer of Marketing & Distribution for ASE it was time for me to jump in and walk the miles of meet and greet to see what opportunities and ideas were in store for our brand projects. And so we arrived in Las Vegas knowing that we would leave with, at the very least, experience.


Reading my previous blogs, you know my experience in communications brought me to film and so I get the great pleasure of learning as I add my expertise. This visit was no exception! My background in communications and, well frankly joy of random conversations, made the room workable, even if I didn't know what I was doing.

I was struck by the amount of product that was being pitched and the scale of the displays mapped about the convention center. Generally film companies will attend this type of conventions to talk product placement and merchandising opportunities for feature film projects. We made these contacts, but in our typical fashion also made new connections that opened up ideas of partnerships not previously explored. 

While many would rightfully feel overwhelmed, I saw potential in all the chaos. Its through connections that our passions become reality. We never do anything alone and in this sea of new possibilities I could see elements that would help our passions come into reality. 


What I love and embrace about being part of the ASE team is that we never see anything as failure because we never walk into anything with expectations. We understand that each connection needs to unfold how it will and there is always a gain from the experience. Attending this expo was no different and we made many great connections with people across a variety of sectors. These connections are now in our book and available as we continue to establish ourselves as an evolutionary in-house production company in film. 

And for me...I am looking forward to 2018 when the Licensing Expo heads to China!

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Carey Rose O'Connell began developing her independent brand through writing in 2011 and since this time has expanded a communications focus to include teaching, documentary filmmaking and social media consultation. She has supported multiple profit and not for profit organizations with social media strategy planning, campaign development and demographic performance analysis. Carey supports Anvil Springs Entertainment as P.M.D for ongoing distribution and marketing development as well as coordinates communication strategies and timelines for the company's brand mission; including all its current film projects through social media and organizational partnerships.

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