The Next Impossible!


How many times have you heard…”that’s impossible!” How many times have you come to a dead stop because you believed it? How many times have you said…”watch me!” Have you ever thought…”well, maybe for you, not for me.” THAT’S the difference. The difference between accepting mediocrity and becoming extraordinary!

Bear in mind that I’m not talking about being an egomaniac or thinking you’re better than everyone else. I’m talking about being someone who would rather be successful with others than fight alone. One that can see working creatively and cooperatively yields a greater success in their efforts. That very vision is the foundation for our ASE team!

As the saying goes…”there is no I in TEAM” and we implement that culture to the nth degree. Language that binds us, blinds us. "We've always done it this or that way" or "It's notoriously difficult to do" are phrases we shudder to hear at ASE! We erase this negativity from the very language in our culture, in fact, we re-visit our work in ways that we create new methods before the thought of being stuck in a current "way" can even occur.

"How can this be better received?", "Is there a better way to demonstrate this?", "Let's freshen up the language on this." are all common phrases in our team culture. This greatly aids our ability to be flexible and in balance, reducing "crisis response" experiences plaguing most corporate team environments. 

So - the next time someone tells you “it’s impossible” just smile and stay the course. Follow your path to get where you want to be. You’ll not only be better for it, you’ll feel better because you put your best self into the world. 

Contributed by:
Kathleen Messmer
Managing Partner and CEO - Anvil Springs Entertainment

Kathleen has worked in the film and television industry for nearly two decades and holds a degree in film from one of the nation's’ top universities.  

Her long career in the industry has seen her working on a wide range of films with budgets both large and small, building a thorough understanding of all aspects of any film project. She has also worked alongside Oscar-winning producers, directors and actors. 

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