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The 2017 release of Warner Bros. Pictures “Wonder Woman” was a step forward from the most unexpected of genre. We always expect some out of the festival, artistic, dramatic, noir filled film to demonstrate the counter to the standard action blockbuster dominating theater release calendars since the 3D boom. Yet here we were presented with everything that should have frustrated us about how a woman’s strengths are portrayed in film through this in your face, kick ass explosion! How did a film fueled by the often objectified portrayal of women in the comic book genre project a non-sexualized, equalized portrayal of a woman? It happened because they were smart enough to ensure women were in key roles and more importantly and obvious from the result, they listened too!

Image courtesy refinery29.com / Warner Bros.

Image courtesy refinery29.com / Warner Bros.


With women such as Director Patty Jenkins, Executive Producer Rebecca Steel Roven and many more attached to the project, there occurs an inescapable authenticity to the portrayal the character takes on screen. An article we shared in June 2017 by Caitlin Flynn “Wonder Woman's Thigh Jiggled On Screen & Here's Why That's Such A Big Deal” gives a great discussion of this in further detail, noting one male blogger as commenting about the film:

“Tumblr user Creative Words, Powerful Ideas wrote an eloquent post that perfectly summed up why the film is so powerful. “Watching a super hero movie directed by a woman is like putting glasses on for the first time," the user wrote."

These are the moments when bars are set, new standards unfold and it is vital that contributors to film on all levels step up and carry the momentum forward. That is exactly what ASE is all about…momentum…for women. It’s long past time when women in general and women in film specifically are recognized for the amazing work they do and are capable of.

We’re not “anti-men” by any stretch of the imagination even though we are a woman-owned and operated company. Though we are pretty much over the good ol’ boys club that is Hollywood. We want to give a leg up to women in the industry, but not just women, anyone who wants to advance within our company can have that opportunity, regardless of their gender.

While we have begun to stir the pot a bit, there are still folks out there that tell us “that’s not how it’s done.” Well, I’m here to tell you to get the hell over it. ANYONE who wants to learn, be great at what they do, advance, do what they love or learn it all has that opportunity here.

We have the momentum and drive that keeps the wheels turning and we’ll keep it going come hell or high water. Our collective spirit is one of fire, determination and setting new standards by which other companies will one day aspire to implement. So have at it. Dare to be great. Dare to be the best you can possibly be because you deserve it. YOU are a shining star and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Keep the momentum. Be a Wonder Woman!

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Kathleen Messmer
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