Behind the Scenes at ASE

The mighty team members of ASE have been working hard behind the scenes moving two of our amazing projects, Volcano and Meeting Charlie, toward pre-production. As you can imagine being a production company with a mission of bringing evolved communications in a sustainable long-term business model is no small feat. Our strengths come from knowing who we are and what we are meant to bring to modern film production. It's been a journey of tests, resets, and success.

We have literally traveled around the world during 2018 making connections with those that can best partner with ASE to bring our vision into reality. One of those connections has been our partnership with TALK Global Media, led by the talented Terese Linden Kohn. The expertise TALK will bring to the successful sales of our projects is a great opportunity for ASE and to partner with another #WomenInFilm forward organization is a win-win for our efforts to elevate the culture in film production.



We understand that to achieve our goals we need to operate globally and always be considerate of our impacts locally in our hometown and the communities we impact with production. While our first projects will be located in the U.K. and Canada, we have established our U.S. based production offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Netflix has recently purchased Q Studios and will to bring operations to Albuquerque that will spend $1 billion on film productions in the first 10 years of operations. This will also bring 1,000 jobs to the Albuquerque film industry. (Read more on

Having a brand like Netflix emerge into the New Mexico film market will benefit many that have witnessed the jewel in the desert that is New Mexico.  We hope to connect with, partner and promote mutual benefits for the many great people and organizations that will allow Albuquerque, New Mexico to make its mark. 

As we effort to bring our work into a full spectrum of operations we cannot help but witness the current pains of chaos erupting across the planet. The only way we can overcome the suppression of our voice is by speaking en masse, as “We the People” are the owners of democracy. 

Anvil Springs Entertainment supports the inclusion of all people, the protection of our planet and global prosperity that leaves no human starving. We encourage you to take a moment to get yourself to the polls by election day, November 6, 2018. Visit for easy access to verify your registration and find a local polling center. Remember, don't arrive with empty seats in your car, take friends or family members with you! Follow it up with dinner and a movie and you'll be making voting the hangout event of 2018!


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