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The best time to make a friend is before you need them.


Andrew is a shy young man who has yet to have much life experience, accepts a job writing patient bios for a small nursing home’s newsletter. Andrew’s first subject is Charlie, a resident hell raiser, who seems to be the only inhabitant of the home who is still ... alive. Through this unique friendship, Charlie gets Andrew to come out of his shell and starts to embrace life, doing things he would never have done on his own. Their relationship changes dramatically when Andrew finds out Charlie is diagnosed with the early onset of Alzheimer’s and is determined to escape the home and take his own life to be with his wife who passed years earlier. With the help of Andrew’s new love interest Lily, the trio take off on a road trip whose destination will change their lives.

Director: Marc Forby
Screenwriter:  Cory Sayers
Composer: Giovanni Rotondo
Genre:  Comedy


Love can be painful… but it should never leave scars


Touching on real problems in relationships, Volcano is the story of addiction, abuse and violence told through the lives of a young family. Set in the U.K., the story demonstrates the multi-faceted nature of domestic abuse, highlighting its parasitic tendencies whilst remaining true to a fundamental, yet flawed love that binds the relationship. While based on abuse in the family, the movie does have its moments of gentle humor, driven mainly through the character of Pops. The story has significant twists, culminating in an unexpected finish to a brutal beginning.

Director: Danny Hiller
Screenwriter:  David McGregor
Music Composition/Production: 
Anastasia Roupakia, Aphaia Music
Genre:  Social Drama

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