Projects In Development

The Q'ntana Trilogy

What would your life be like if all stories were banned? What if telling even the simplest story would get you killed?  It can’t happen here? That’s what the people of Q’ntana thought…Until it did!

The Q’ntana Trilogy
Screenwriter:  Mark David Gerson
Genre:  Fantasy
An epic, time-twisting trilogy spanning three generations and hundreds of years as one nightmare villain pursues dominion over a brutalized land and its people.

The Wild & Wreckless Wonderboys

Life is short, but friends are forever.

The Wild & Wreckless Wonderboys
Screenwriter:  Cory Sayers
Genre:  Drama

Lifelong love and friendship are the ties that bind and they discover the true reason they’ve been friends all these years in spite of themselves.


Freedom, everyone deserves it. 

Genre:  Thriller

Fed up with trying to elude her controlling criminal father, a woman empowers herself the only way he taught her. 


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