Threaded between two men of different eras, was the music.  Both lost in transition, it was in this common love of music and loss of control, their freedom roared like the rock n’ roll that inspired them.

Meeting Charlie is a touching comedy that bridges the gap between young and old, truth and fiction. Meeting Charlie changes Andrew’s life.  Meeting Charlie will change yours.

Anvil Springs Entertainment will work with a talented team of musicians to develop one of a kind, original music inspired by the era of 60's Classic Rock!


Andrew is a shy young man who has never really experienced life. He has just graduated college with a degree in journalism and is confronted with the harsh truth that print journalism is dead. Andrew reluctantly accepts a job writing a daily news letter for a small nursing home. It is there that he meets the two people who will change his life.

The first being Charlie, a patient of the home and it’s resident hell raiser, who seems to be the only inhabitant of the home who is still alive. A social activist back in the 1960’s, Charlie bonds with Andrew over a love of classic rock n' roll and similar personal tragedies. Through this friendship Charlie gets Andrew to come out of his shell and starts to embrace life, doing things he would never have done on his own. Their relationship changes dramatically when Andrew finds out more about Charlie's past that leads them into an undeniably life-changing journey.


Meet Andrew: 22, educated and unemployed, a victim of print journalism’s collapse.

Meet Charlie: ’60s activist and resident nursing-home hell-raiser.




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