Accounting With Awareness

Many for profit organizations have mission statements, diversity platforms and strategies based in socially aware principles, though have trouble when it comes to ensuring these intentions extend beyond philosophy and into measurable processes within their brand. This failure can consistently be traced back to an incongruence between the process of for profit management and how it dismantles the capability for actionable,  integrated, diverse team experiences. Anvil Springs Entertainment is taking action to change this negative pattern and show businesses that profit is an "AND" with the joy of your team and a positive impact on the planet, not just an "OR". How are we doing it?

  • Developing an in house model managing our projects from development through release and recoupment
  • Implementing a Triple Bottom Line Accounting method to ensure we manage the success of our brand by measuring the joy and growth of our People, a positive impact to the Planet and finally, successful Profit management resulting in strong returns for our investors.


People are the primary component acting as a constant variable, affecting all other objects and yet they are often considered last, if at all, in modern day business planning. We should clarify...considered in a way that the business can be held accountable in measurable results.

We understand that our people, when considered first, provide unique ideas that lead to better results and a more satisfied, contributive culture. We hold ourselves accountable to our focus on people in the following ways:

  • Implementing a Chief Care Officer position to ensure relational success with our in house teams, project crews and the communities we impact.


Denial of human impact to environment and climate is in many ways to deny the existence of life itself. We are just one part of a vast eco-system and business will inherently make up a larger carbon footprint. This comes with a greater responsibility to mitigate impact and create improvements where possible.

We take this seriously and understand that a film production can create large scale impacts to an environment when in process and hold ourselves accountable to our focus on the planet in the following ways:

  • Reducing print and media waste by finding creative ways to distribute our project information safely and digitally.
  • Implementing an Environmental Mitigation Manager to monitor and report on our brand office impact as well as impacts and mitigation options for filming locations.


Generally the primary focus and goal of business is profit and only profit. We understand that profit will be accelerated for sustainability and growth when the people that generate it for us are considered and we have a planet to live out our projects on!

We hold ourselves accountable to our focus on profit in the following ways:

  • By implementing a fully functional in-house production company, we can reduce third party fees paid in a typical production.  When we reduce these costs we can reach recoupment for our investors more quickly and in full.
  • Profitable outcomes are a result of good relationships. We are committed to long term partnerships, understanding our connections hold critical value to our success.