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Our projects cover many genres since stories want to be told regardless of where they “fit” – because sometimes they don’t. We hold ourselves accountable to produce stories that people can relate to, stories that inspire the human spirit, and stories that leave audiences feeling better when they leave the theater than when they walked in. Beyond reviews, our mission is to hear our work has evoked a conversation among those leaving the theatre.

We do projects that are not always happy, that deal with “real” issues in today’s society and believe when we start truthfully portraying issues ailing our society through mediums like film, we can start finding ways to create common cures!   

These Projects Are In the Spotlight! 


Screenwriter:  David McGregor
Music Composition/Production:
Anastasia Roupakia, Aphaia Music
Writer: Karina Evans
Genre:  Social Drama
Love can be painful, but it should never leave scars.
Paul is a drunk, a womanizer, a liar and an abuser.

His pathetic existence leads to broken bones, family discourse and ultimately the death of his frustrated, though dedicated wife.  But he's not a killer...or is he?
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The Q'ntana Trilogy

Meeting Charlie

Screenwriter:  Mark David Gerson
Genre:  Fantasy
An epic, time-twisting trilogy spanning three generations and hundreds of years as one nightmare villain pursues dominion over a brutalized land and its people.
What would your life be like if all stories were banned? What if telling even the simplest story would get you killed?  It can’t happen here?

That’s what the people of Q’ntana thought…Until it did!

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Director: Marc Forby
Screenwriter:  Cory Sayers
Composer: Giovanni Rotondo
Genre:  Comedy

There’s no problem that rock ’n’ roll can’t solve. Well, almost…

Meeting Charlie changes Andrew’s life. Meeting Charlie will change yours.

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These Projects Are Coming Soon!


The Wild & Wreckless Wonderboys

The Wild & Wreckless Wonderboys
Screenwriter:  Cory Sayers
Genre:  Drama

Life is short, but friends are forever.

Lifelong love and friendship are the ties that bind and they discover the true reason they’ve been friends all these years in spite of themselves.



Screenwriter:  TBA
Genre:  Thriller

Freedom, everyone deserves it. 

Fed up with trying to elude her controlling criminal father, a woman empowers herself the only way he taught her. 



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