Screenplay Submissions

Anvil Springs Entertainment seeks out undiscovered talents and innovative film concepts and we encourage you to pursue your writing. Remember rejections aren't personal, they are opportunities to take knowledge and make it your wisdom. We welcome all experience levels to submit to us after ensuring that your screenplay has had coverage and you've completed the steps below.  We highly recommend Script Reader Pro services for the coverage notes you will need for our submission process.

  • Prior to the script being submitted, we MUST have a signed NDA* (non-disclosure agreement) on file signed by both you and us for our mutual protection.

  • The script MUST have had coverage done and the notes from the Script Analyst need to be attached either via hard copy or electronic submission.

Both of the above requirements MUST be met before a script is submitted.  Any submissions not meeting these requirements will be deleted (if electronic) or properly shredded and recycled.

Why we request a NDA?

We recognize and respect that your creative work is Intellectual Property and support the protection of your work in our review process. To support this in our mission, we request a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) be signed prior to accepting a screenplay submission. It is generally unheard of for a production company to proactively offer a NDA to submitting writers, just another way we are revolutionizing the industry!

What we look for in a story?

If you have reviewed About ASE, you know that we accept a wide variety of genres and story styles for submission and are eager to find creative, innovative ways that modern storytellers share their voice. It is important to consider this as you decide to get started with us, and frankly anyone in film, as submitting the wrong genre to the wrong agencies wastes a lot of time and energy for both writers and producers in the market. We do not accept submissions in the genres of horror, gore or ultra-gore, though we are accepting submissions meeting our above outlined criteria in the genres of comedy, drama, thriller, action and documentary. We consider character driven screenplays framing human stories that are created to evoke a greater conversation in the global community. Film is a medium for which impact in human expression can truly extend greater knowledge and self-awareness by its viewers, we are looking for writers who inherently make this a goal of their work. 

When you have completed coverage of your script and have notes available, submit a NDA request through the form below to get started!

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*Please note we do not accept Horror, Gore/UltraGore script submissions