Anvil Springs Entertainment respects and is grateful for the opportunity we have to work in communities across the globe. To fulfill our mission, we implement methods of social outreach for communities, organizations and causes that benefit the human spirit and our connection to the planet. 


Reaching Our Mission

The Stories We Choose To Tell


Film can do more than entertain, it can inform and engage conversations across a global community that can uplift and transform how we perceive and treat our fellow humans. We understand and respect the great opportunity we have to create film and have embedded within our core values that a social message, cause or need is expressed through all of our projects.

  • Volcano, a drama, focuses on a too common occurrence of domestic violence in modern households.
  • Meeting Charlie, a comedic drama, highlights the great impacts Dementia and Alzheimer's on all those impacted.
  • The Q'ntana Trilogy, an epic fantasy trilogy, emphasizes the importance of free speech, story telling and information exchange among all people.
  • Gun, a drama in development, focuses on guns and how they impact many cultures. 

The People Creating The Story

How can we generate opportunities to more people in the communities we produce films? We ask ourselves this question on every project and understand that we have the unique opportunity to "pop-up" in a community and benefit the local economy. This happens as a given with any film due to the local spending that occurs with businesses, though we always ask how we can take things further? 

To innovate and evolve the industry we have committed to proactively reaching out to those in the community who seek employment and have not seen film as a possibility. There are many entry level jobs available in film that are not governed by unions and pre-requisites and instead of waiting for people to find us we will partner with community agencies to promote our opportunities to those most in need. 

The Organizations We Promote


Our mission is much greater than a statement on paper, it holds the guiding principle of our business and how we engage and treat the community. To take our mission of emphasizing a social message in our films further we have a commitment to engage non-profit organizations so that their direct information is promoted and shared as part of our media as well as finding ways we can help contribute to their fundraising and ongoing efforts. During the development of our projects we have planned: 

  • More than 20 not-for-profit organizations targeted to support through our developed projects.
  • Early-stage social media campaigns that incorporate awareness messaging and actionable ways to engage the organizations we support. 

The Partners We Collaborate With


Authentically living out all of our social outreach goals would be sadly wasted if we were not also ensuring that we partner with individuals and organizations that embrace similar social focuses.  We do this by considering:

  • The mission and brand expression of any potential business production partners is congruent and verifiable with our own. 
  • Building a one of a kind list of socially evolved brands to provide exclusive, cost effective product placement opportunities for companies that give back to the community as part of their ongoing mission and efforts.  
  • Through our commitment to honor and respect the intellectual creative property of those we partner with. We provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to submitting writers, unheard of for a production company in the industry, to ensure their work is protected during the review and option process. 

Help us in our efforts!

Have an outreach idea, a charity or organization you would like to see us support? Do you have an event in your area you would like us to support? Even with our efforts to proactively find community partners, we know all of our supporters and fans have valuable ideas and information that can help us help others in more impactful ways. Don't be shy, share your thoughts we will review all submissions! 

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