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Kathleen Messmer
Managing Partner & CEO


Anvil Springs was founded by its Managing Partner and CEO, Kathleen Messmer, in 2008. Kathleen has worked in the film and television industry for nearly two decades and holds a degree in film from one of the nation's’ top universities.  Her long career in the industry has seen her working on a wide range of films with budgets both large and small, building a thorough understanding of all aspects of any film project. She has also worked alongside Oscar-winning producers, directors and actors.

"My passion is producing stories that people can relate to, stories that inspire the human spirit, stories that leave audiences feeling better when they leave the theater than when they walked in….better about themselves and better about the world. My vision in creating Anvil Springs Entertainment was to make stories like that more widely available than they often are today — in film, television and emerging media. As for the name ‘Anvil Springs,’ I chose it to express the strength of purpose and freeflow of creativity that those two individual words suggest. Put together, they express my vision for a production company whose projects will captivate, electrify and entertain its audiences.”

Dominique Molloy


After twenty plus years working in television and film, Dominique is a Producer with vast experience in the industry across genres including drama, comedy and children's productions. Having moved up through the ranks, she understands the working requirements of the roles that she oversees and has worked over the years on a variety of BAFTA award winning productions such as The Mrs Merton Show, The Royle Family, Cold Feet, Eric & Ernie and The 4 O'clock Club. Dominique was also part of the teams that created BAFTA (2016) nominated productions including, Sleeping Lions and So Awkward. She is a people person with a hands-on approach and enjoys seeing a story come to life from development through to on-screen.


Carey Rose O'Connell
Producer of Marketing & Distribution (P.M.D) - Communications

Carey Rose O'Connell began developing her independent brand through writing in 2011 and since this time has expanded a communications focus to include teaching, documentary filmmaking and social media consultation. She has supported multiple profit and not for profit organizations with social media strategy planning, campaign development and demographic performance analysis. Carey supports Anvil Springs Entertainment as P.M.D for ongoing distribution and marketing development as well as coordinates communication strategies and timelines for the company's brand mission; including all its current film projects through social media and organizational partnerships.