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Kathleen Messmer
Managing Partner & CEO


Anvil Springs was founded by its Managing Partner and CEO, Kathleen Messmer, in 2008. Kathleen has worked in the film and television industry for nearly two decades and holds a degree in film from one of the nation's’ top universities.  Her long career in the industry has seen her working on a wide range of films with budgets both large and small, building a thorough understanding of all aspects of any film project. She has also worked alongside Oscar-winning producers, directors and actors.

"My passion is producing stories that people can relate to, stories that inspire the human spirit, stories that leave audiences feeling better when they leave the theater than when they walked in….better about themselves and better about the world. My vision in creating Anvil Springs Entertainment was to make stories like that more widely available than they often are today — in film, television and emerging media. As for the name ‘Anvil Springs,’ I chose it to express the strength of purpose and freeflow of creativity that those two individual words suggest. Put together, they express my vision for a production company whose projects will captivate, electrify and entertain its audiences.”

Robert Fingermann
Chief Financial Officer


Robert is the founder and president of Independent Films Production Consultants, Inc. (IFPC), which provides a wide range of financial consulting, accounting and tax services to the motion picture, recording and media industries.  IFPC also provides management and consulting services to artists, film producers, financiers, film funds, studios, distributors, directors, government film agencies, screenwriters and playwrights, as well as providing on-site film production accounting.  The firm also consults filmmakers on all the various state, federal and international film production tax incentives, including filings and tax preparation. 

Robert is a long standing member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, Entertainment & Sports Committee, and the Industry Oversight Committee.  He is also a financial consultant to various film financing funds, including the American Movie Group and Veritas Gold.

Eric Feig
Legal Counsel


Eric Feig Entertainment & Media Law, Inc. is a new breed of transactional entertainment law firm dedicated to protecting its clients’ interests with two underlying principles: integrity and creativity. They specialize in the areas of film, television, new media and book publishing and represent a wide variety of writers, actors, directors, producers, and production, VFX and management companies in the film, television, Internet, and book business.
For almost 20 years, Eric has represented a wide variety of top Hollywood and international screen writers, actors, directors, producers, authors, and journalists, including Academy Award winners, in the areas of film, television, book publishing, new media, mobile content, licensing and merchandising.

Dominique Molloy


After twenty plus years working in television and film, Dominique is a Producer with vast experience in the industry across genres including drama, comedy and children's productions. Having moved up through the ranks, she understands the working requirements of the roles that she oversees and has worked over the years on a variety of BAFTA award winning productions such as The Mrs Merton Show, The Royle Family, Cold Feet, Eric & Ernie and The 4 O'clock Club. Dominique was also part of the teams that created BAFTA (2016) nominated productions including, Sleeping Lions and So Awkward. She is a people person with a hands-on approach and enjoys seeing a story come to life from development through to on-screen.


Carey Rose O'Connell
Producer of Marketing & Distribution (P.M.D) - Communications


Carey Rose O'Connell began developing her independent brand through writing in 2011 and since this time has expanded a communications focus to include teaching, documentary filmmaking and social media consultation. She has supported multiple profit and not for profit organizations with social media strategy planning, campaign development and demographic performance analysis. Carey supports Anvil Springs Entertainment as P.M.D for ongoing distribution and marketing development as well as coordinates communication strategies and timelines for the company's brand mission; including all its current film projects through social media and organizational partnerships.

Dorothy Szymanska
Talent Manager


Born and raised in Montreal, Dorothy Szymanska has been in the entertainment business since her days at Concordia University where she studied Communication Arts. Starting as a musical theatre performer, she branched out into costume design and producing and over the next 25 years worked with a myriad of theatre companies. In 1993 her career came full circle and she began her foray into film and television casting, which continued when she moved to Vancouver in 1997.
For the next 10 years she worked as a casting director, casting television series such as “Cold Squad”, and “Edgemont” and feature films such as “Miracle” and “Forbidden Kingdom”.
In 2007 she left the casting business and moved on to become a talent agent and producer. She has produced with Centurion Pictures and most recently with ICON Creative Studio. She is looking forward to working with Anvil Springs Entertainment as they move forward with the “Q’ntana Trilogy”.

Mark David Gerson
Associate Producer & Writer


Mark David is an award-winning writer, an acclaimed creativity coach and creator of The Q’ntana Trilogy novels and screenplays.  He is uniquely positioned to assist Anvil Springs and its screenwriters with story/script development and refinement on many of its projects. On The Q’ntana Trilogy films in particular, Mark David’s intimate knowledge of Q’ntana’s worlds and characters will be invaluable assets to both the trilogy’s creative teams, its producer and its post-production group.

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Jack Binder
Line Producer & Development


Jack wears many hats as the responsible Line Producer and Director’s Guild of America (DGA) Unit Production Manager on movie productions.  He has spent more than 25 years specializing in launching movie productions for himself and others.  Creating an accurate and comprehensive film budget has been a critical attribute in getting his films made. Jack is also the founder of FilmBudget.com and Greentrees Films, his international production and film consulting company.

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David McGregor


David McGregor was born a writer. Drawing on his experience as an electrical engineer and hypnotherapist, he uses his life exposure to create “shades of grey” characters that are explored through his screenplays. Demonstrating a preference for darker material, David explores the dynamics of human nature. His passion for screenwriting and directing urged him to study scriptwriting at Staffordshire University. He now holds a first class honours degree."  

Cory Sayers


Cory Sayers is an extraordinary up and coming screenwriter based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Anvil Springs Entertainment optioned “Meeting Charlie”, his first feature length screenplay, which started out as a short he wrote while he was still attending the film program at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, in 2011. “Meeting Charlie” and “Burning Henry” his second screenplay, optioned in 2014, were inspired by his love of the smaller, more character driven comedies of the late sixties and seventies. 

Karina is a writer, copy editor and sometime poet, living by the sea in the UK. She dedicated years of her life and most of her sanity honing her first novel, Volcano, and has since taken to the less destructive genre of short story writing, for which she recently won the accolade of runner-up in the Storgy short story awards. Her passion is in writing about the lives of the people you see every day; everyone has a story, everyone has a secret.

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Karina Evans

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Alex Bloom
Founder of
Script Reader Pro

Alex Bloom is the founder of Script Reader Pro, a screenplay consultancy of working Hollywood screenwriters. If you're tired of receiving vague script coverage that say things like "Just trust in your story," "You need more obstacles in Act 2," or the classic, "Your protagonist needs to be more likable," Script Reader Pro may be the guys for you. 

Anvil Springs Entertainment seeks out undiscovered talents and innovative film concepts and we encourage you to pursue your writing. Remember rejections aren't personal, they are opportunities to take knowledge and make it your wisdom. We welcome all experience levels to submit to us after ensuring that your screenplay has had coverage and you've completed the steps on our contact page.  We highly recommend Script Reader Pro services for the coverage notes you will need for our submission process.